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The Manor

The manor is made up of more than twenty rooms including service areas, and it is a testimony of the architecture of the late 19th and early 20th century architecture and the pioneering spirit that encouraged the settlement on the Argentine territory. 


Image You enter the house through an elegant entrance to an access hall. To its right there is a large and exquisitely furnished living room and to the left you find the attractive dining room. Beautiful stoves decorated with imported tiles stand out in the three places. Further back on the ground floor there are three comfortable rooms, one of them with an en-suite bathroom, the kitchen and the television room, and another bathroom.


An elegant wooden stairway with balustrades leads to the first floor, where a majestic suite with an en-suite bathroom, four large and tastefully decorated rooms with all the comforts of modern living and two fully equipped bathrooms, complete the facilities for the guests´ lodging. The suite and one of the rooms open up to the balcony  that surrounds the upper part of the building, which urges guests to settle down there  and enjoy the landscape and serenity.



The large swimming pool in the eastern side of the picturesque tree-lined park invites to spend a relaxing time there.


When the firm bought the estancia, the chalet was in an advanced state of deterioration, because it had been uninhabited for a long time. The current proprietors, aware of the historical-cultural value of the building, always had in mind its setting in value, but the project begins to take form in 2001, when the restoration starts; this task demands five long years. At the end of 2006 the efforts are crowned with the chalet shining as it used to be in its best times.  Its design and original materials have been rescued together with a careful and tasteful decoration. Besides it has been provided with all modern comforts that make life easy an enjoyable in the 21st century.  

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