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          The Estancia


The Estancia is located in the extensive prairie of the humid pampas, southeast of the Province of Cordoba, Argentina , near the confluence of the rivers Third and Fourth or Saladillo., 220 km. west to Rosario,  270 km. from Córdoba and 500 km. from the Federal Capital. 


It is important to point out that, although it is located in the humid pampas of the Argentine Republic, the colonization of the southeast area of Córdoba had different cultural characteristics from those of other “pampeanas” areas of the country. This is the so-called  “pampa gringa”, in contrast to the “pampa gaucha”, typical of Buenos Aires. It was colonized mainly by English proprietors with the contribution of other Europeans, mostly Italian and Spanish colonists. They gave the "pampa gringa" distinctive characteristics which make it very attractive as a tourist destination.


The central area of the estancia extends 34 hectares. The manor is located in the center of a beautiful tree-lined park. It consists of a two-storey building with an interesting facade, which is a testimony of late 19th and early 20th century architecture and the pioneering spirit that directed the settlement on the Argentine territory


ImageLos Algarrobos is nowadays a successful agricultural company, dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising. The prevailing production is wheat but it also produces corn and soybean, applying non-tillage technology. The outline of agricultural work is based on a rotation system with gramineous and replacement of nutrition at sewing time, since fertilizers required for the system are applied on them. 




The establishment is a founding member of the CREA group Monte Buey-Inriville since 1984 and it has agreements with nurseries for the multiplication of autogamous seeds (soybean and wheat). It is also a site for some nets of crop experiments such as the ones  of AACREA and some private nurseries.    


Image Regarding cattle raising it carries out field breeding in winter , feedlot with supplements, and also bull and female breeding for replacement. In the cattle raising activity the production is based on prairies of alfalfa, “festuca” and “cebadilla” as well as winter greens like oat and corns to chop and make forages´silo-bags that are used together with supplements and corn grains to balance the animals´ diet. The cattle system has three modules, one pastoral, on the alfalfas or prairies, an intensive one which puts on weight in feedlot and a semi-intensive system on prairie and greens with supplements. The production of the feedlot is basically dedicated to the internal market. The provision of female calves for fattening or repasturing is carried out in San Luis and purchases are also made for this purpose. Los Algarrobos is enabled to produce export meat for the European Economic Community. Therefore, it must respect feeding regulations according to the destination of the product. 

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