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Cordovan Writer Cristina Loza visits Los Algarrobos

Past August 7, Los Algarrobos opened its doors to  qualified group of people related to Cordoba¨s culture. The visit of the prestigious writer Cristina Loza to Monte Buey was the central reason for this convocation.   


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The outstanding author accepted with generosity the proposal of to visit Los Algarrobos and  dialogue in that suggestive environment with people interested in her person and  her work, allowing those who had that privilege to enjoy a day of beloved emotion and shared feelings. 
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The meeting began with a chat with the writer. Her answers to the  guests´ questions expressed her feelings and her childhood  and juvenile nostalgias,  allowing them to deepen in  the characters of her work. 
The activity culminated with the narration of the history of the Estancia by one of his owners, followed by a guided tour of the facilities and a lunch. 

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